• Of Jesus’ 132 public appearances in NT, 122 were in the marketplace.
  • Of 52 parables Jesus told, 45 had a workplace context.
  • Of 40 divine interventions recorded in Acts, 39 were in the marketplace.
  • Jesus spent his adult life as a carpenter until age 30 before he went into a preaching ministry in the workplace. Jesus called 12 workplace individuals, not clergy, to build His church.
  • Work is Worship - The Hebrew word "Avodah" is the root word from which we get the words work and worship.
  • “Work” in its different forms, is mentioned more than 800 times in the Bible, more than all the words used to express worship, music, praise, and singing combined.
  • “54% of Jesus’ reported teaching ministry arose out of issues posed by others in the scope of daily life experience”. – Lewis and Lewis, LICC

There are Two Facets to This Ministry

For profit business building

Sowing into one another by prayer and using the services that are represented in our church body community. We need to break this Wal-Mart mentality of convenience- if a brother or sister in Christ and in our body has a business, then if we need this product or service we should be heart purposed to bless them in their venture. Most businesses are the sole support of these families, and they tithe to the whole body. So, if we bless them, they will bless the Kingdom and the Word of God says that when we are heart purposed to bless one another-to sow into each other then how much more will we be blessed. We don't use this for the blessing, but if we could shift our heart purpose from convenience to blessing, how much more could this do for the Kingdom of God. So we come together to Network with one another, to become familiar with each other and become more knowledgeable on how to help each business at their point of need; whether that be prayer, or a connection for web pages, or just doing a business plan. If the solution to their need is not represented in our body, then we will make a connection for the business owner elsewhere to help them to take their business to the next level.

Helps Ministry Facet

We would like to also be able to bless our church body with assistance brought forth by the businesses represented in our community. There are often times when we need to take a meal to someone, visit them if they are sick or pick them up if they need a ride, and when we do this we can be observant to the other things that they might need help with. For example, a pipe may need to be fixed, an electrical plug needs to be replaced, or even paint may be peeling off the house. We as a body should be able to call the Marketplace ministry and ask if there is someone in our church group that would be able to assist with these services. The Bible clearly states that out of our abundance we sow into someone else’s lack.

Ministry in the Marketplace

Knitting Marketplace & Community together to further the Kingdom of God