Local (City Transformation)

We feel a responsibility to care for and love the city we live in. For the most part, we are aware of the spiritual responsibility the church has to be an agent of change and influence in the community. This influence flows through political action, compassion ministry and by becoming a deliverer of Gods love, presence and glory in all societal sectors. The 'gospel' is the good news by which the power of God's kingdom has entered history to renew the whole world. When we believe and rely on Jesus' work and record, the power of the kingdom begins to work through us.

We will see community transformations when the lives of individuals are transformed. For too long the church has attempted to bring lasting change to communities without first considering her own condition and pressing into God in order to bring revival externally. This is the "Pentecost Progression". They died in that upper room and what emerged was power. They waited on God, God came, they went and found very little resistance! In fact, their growth was unprecedented.

Often times, our congregational self-preservation has kept us from becoming a city-wide church with many congregations who contend for the health of our communities. The spirit of unbelief can no longer rob us of our transforming purpose. It’s time to break out of our walls and clichés and be functioning in society; we are to be salt, light and radical agents of counter-culture! We ought to return to presence-based ministry, come into spiritual authority and finally, reclaim a higher perspective and transforming purpose which releases an infectious hope to reclaim our cities.

Should you desire more information on local outreach efforts, please contact us.